online gaming effects

Gaming Effects on Everyday Life

Online gaming is a popular term used to describe the presence of online console games and other online activities in the child’s surroundings, more typically than traditional computer usage. The popularity of online gaming has been growing dramatically over the past decade, with more children than ever being exposed to online gaming via computer and internet connections. A recent study on the online gaming effects on children has shown worrying signs.

Pros and Cons

Gaming can be associated with many negative effects, including aggression and other negative behaviours. Negative online gaming effects are often caused by a lack of proper controls or feedback that provide a game environment resembling a real-world. Also, the lack of proper controls can lead to “botox” like effects. These effects are often associated with real-world violence and can be extremely disturbing for the players. Some online gaming communities have taken action against those players who engage in these activities, with some communities even going so far as to ban players.

Positive online gaming effects include reduced stress levels, better concentration and improved mood and relaxation. Other positive effects of online games include a greater ability to learn, a greater need for socialization and a reduced negative attitude toward technology. Many younger people, especially teenagers, have been attracted to online games like World of Warcraft, Second Life and others. For these younger people, online gaming can represent a safe outlet for the types of communication that are lacking in daily life.

Although there are some benefits to online gaming, such effects should not be ignored. The research done on the effects of online gaming has found some clear negative effects, with many negative implications for the player and the gaming community itself. Although there have been no proven long term effects, there is evidence that frequent gaming may affect an adolescent’s engagement in physical activity and their diets. A parent would also have to consider whether their child would be able to manage any negative consequences of their online gaming habits.

online gaming effects

Treating the Problems

There are also several online gaming addiction treatment programs that address the problems caused by online gaming addiction. One such treatment program is the “Internet Is Good” program which seeks to counter the negative effects of online gaming addiction through self-help and peer support. Another program is called “Real online gaming Maniac” which addresses online gaming addiction and its related problems through a step by step program. Both of these programs have received good reviews from professional psychologists and addiction counsellors.

While there are positive online gaming effects, negative influences have also been identified. One of these is called the “feeling of detachment”. This feeling of detachment occurs when a person stops participating in online gaming. The reason behind this is that the participant develops an attitude that says that video games do not make a person happy. This can result in low self-esteem and a negative attitude towards other people.

Some critics argue that there are not enough time limits in online gaming addiction treatment programs. Time limits would prevent players from playing too much and becoming addicted. They also argue that there should be more time limits for younger kids who are still playing. Finally, they point out that too many time limits may not be good for young minds. With these criticisms in mind, experts recommend that parents and guardians set strict rules about how a child would have to play games.

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